Please pray for Florida. Florida! Senate Bill 252 passed 29/6.

Yes, the“Medical Freedom Bill”, has a couple great things… but was it worth it?

Was it worth giving emergency power to a Governor to turn us over to the WHO?

Was is worth it to relinquish our independent state’s vaccine requirements and giving them over to the Federal Government for them to decide if we can have a religious or medical exemption?

How about healthcare? Our hospitals and healthcare facilities are now beholden to follow a masking protocol on staff and patients.

Was it worth taking away our sovereignty to get a couple years of protections against COVID-19 mandates, MRNA, and EUA until 2025 and to protect us from masks in the public?

I for one am disappointed. We had a great bill! SB222 would have protected us from medical tyranny permanently! But our bill was squashed and this one elevated.

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Apr 28, 2023·edited Apr 28, 2023Author

This is SO troubling. It seems they are coming after us legislatively fully armed. Has DeSantis signed it? Can he veto it? We are fighting SB7050: it does not build upon the foundation of the past and yet another example how this legislative body is failing floridians.

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This week Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida made a trip to Israel to sign HB 269, a bill that makes it a felony with up to five years in jail for passing out “offensive” flyers or pamphlets. This move has been widely criticized by free speech advocates and legal experts as a gross violation of the First Amendment. The bill states that anyone distributing “any material for the purpose of intimidating or threatening the owner” could be convicted of a felony “hate crime.” This is the state of Florida violating the First Amendment of the United States.

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