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The stench of death

The stench of death

Musings and speculations with 107

Normally I stick to topics where I can provide some level of understanding but this one was so salacious I could not resist. At the crossroads of “what the heck” and bizarre, we have Sleepy Joe’s visit to Arizona and Katie Hobbs momentary resignation from her gubernatorial role. As the headline reads, the “selected” governor of Arizona stepped down in short absence, leaving the state treasurer, Kimberly Yee, to temporarily assume the reins.

Dating back to the wild, wild west era, Arizona law dictates that if the governor is absent, the role falls to the Secretary of State, and thereafter, to the Attorney General. If any of these three are unavailable, then the role is assigned to the State Treasurer. Apparently, the top three state officials were in Washington D.C., and the surprised treasurer was left holding the bag. A friend in the fight offered an intriguing metaphor that I thought was just about right. Hear this out:

Back in the days of the Roman empire, those found guilty of committing an especially heinous murder were punished by being shackled to their victim’s corpse. Both were tightly bound together so the perpetrator could intimately suffer the bloating, odors, maggots, and general decomposition of the cadaver.


Meanwhile, on the very same timeline that Arizona’s top three officials skedaddled, Resident Joe Biden showed up in Phoenix to honor the memory of his brother from another mother, the late John McCain. If Sleepy Joe had any prestige left, wouldn’t all high-level officials be vying for the coveted photo op? Imagine if President Trump were to show up - I unequivocally can assure you that everyone would be clamoring for a picture with him. Instead, it appears Biden is the corpse no democrat wants to be shackled to. Interestingly, the treasurer is a Republican and they let her deal with the visit.

Obviously, I am speculating about reasons and motives, but the analogy does seem quite fitting, doesn’t it?

Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.

Mark Twain

Welcome to new subscribers, I saw many just joined in the past few hours. I write mostly about fixing 2020 and other topics related to this war against humanity. What happened in Lahaina is disturbing because there is nothing stopping me from thinking it could happen anywhere. I encourage you to share my articles on Maui so we can get the word out:

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Father in Heaven,

We acknowledge that You bless us and empower us. It is not by our might or power but through the Holy Spirit that the enemy shall be overcome. Lord, grant us the courage to stand against the powers and principalities that seek to enslave us. We join in prayer for our nation, for America, and for a return to a constitutional way of life.

Release the host of heavens to battle against the deceived, the void, and the dispossessed. Thwart their plans; let them tread uphill on slippery slopes. Confound and confuse those who have agendas against anything that is not in Your divine plans.

Grant us wisdom, understanding, and divine counsel. Erect a hedge of protection for all who have submitted ourselves to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


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